TrueIQ (expression first used by Jason Betts) is the first and most basic – but at the same time the most important – application of Venus score. You can find more info at Qualification section of earlier version of  RealIQ web page by Ivan Ivec at this link:


1. Prize of the Beheaded Man by Paul Cooijmans:  until December 21st 2025

2. World I.Q. Challenge by Brennan Martin:  until perfect score is reached

Recommended tests:

1. Verecenthon by Ivan Ivec:

2. Mathodica 22 by Mislav Predavec:

3. Labyrinthine LIMIT by Paul Cooijmans:

4. Challenger by Zoran Bijač:

5. APT by Wei ZiQin:

6. Human Intelligence Test by Brennan Martin:

7. Tests by Domagoj Kutle:

8. TetrastIQ Light by Gabriel Garofalo:

9. LDA-SWaN by Gianluigi Lombardi:

10. Tests by Randy Myers:

11. Tests by Marco Falchi: https

12. Three Sonnets by Heinrich Siemens:

13. Numerus Strictus Logicae 36 by Andrei Udriste:

IQ score listings:

GENIUS High IQ Network:

Gifted High IQ Network:

Global Genius Registry:

Global Genius Directory:

Hall of IQ scores:

HRIQ Ranking List:

High IQ Database:

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Other interesting links:


GCHQ (Puzzle Championships, follow newsfeed for future events)

World Puzzle Federation:

Cryptography tools:

Polymathica - Global community dedicated to intellectual sophistication

Kirk Raymond Butt`s web sites: and

Christian Backlund`s  web-sites : and 

Christian Backlund`s books: The Sufferings of Jack Hyde and Messiah of the Fallen Paradise

Andrew Hayles`s website:


Indian High IQ Society:

STAR Intellects High IQ Society:

High Range IQ tests by Nitish Joshi:

CATHOLIQ - High I.Q. Society for Christians:

On High-Ceiling Intelligence Tests by Christopher Michael Langan:

On using multiple tests for high IQ society admissions by Grady Towers:

“Just say no” to averaging IQ subtest scores byJoel Schneider and Kevin McGrew:

I.Q. test scores by country on tests by Paul Cooijmans:

Average I.Q values in various European countries by Vinko Buj: link

The Inappropriately Excluded by Michael W. Ferguson:

Free Christian books:

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