If you apply for membership you accept all terms and conditions listed bellow.


Membership in VeNuS will be established after providing evidence of an Intelligence Quotient of at least 147 sd15 on:

– A verbal test

– A numerical test

– A spatial test

One score from a mixed/logical item type test can replace one verbal or one numerical or one spatial score.

Final score from supervised test (SBIS, CFIT, RAPM etc.) can replace all 3 scores (verbal, numerical, spatial) if one wishes so. VeNuS score in this case is equal to 3xFinal score from supervised test.

All normed subtests are accepted.

We accept tests from all authors listed in Gifted High IQ Network and World Genius Directory except tests of Nikolaos Soulios (not accepted since February 14th 2022, regardless of the date of testing)

We no longer accept WAIS (we received too many ceiling scores lately, it is a temporary measure that keeps our listings clean and our scorers safe).

If in doubt about tests or authors accepted for admission (especially if author is not listed) – please send us e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Final decision on acceptance of tests from authors not listed above is upon VeNuS High IQ Society.

1st and 2nd attempts on untimed tests are valid.

Only 1st attempts on timed tests are valid.

Tests with inflated norms  will not be accepted.

Unrealistically high scores will not be accepted. See this link for further clarification: https://paulcooijmans.com/intelligence/extended_intelligence_scale.html

Test reports given by authors with history of doubtful score reporting will not be accepted.

Supervised test reports will be checked by contacting psychologist who conducted testing.


At least once a year all test scores will be updated according to latest norms.

Unlimited number of test score updates is available for members of VeNuS – inform us about your latest achievement and we will update your Venus Score®.

Subscriber status is also available - in this case we ask you to send us proof of I.Q. equal or greater than 130 sd15 in 3 fields of testing.


Higher VeNuS score does not imply higher I.Q. We accept many tests from many different authors and not all of these tests are of the same quality. If you wish to prove your quality please take part in I.Q. competitions many authors organize regularly and show your strength (and weaknesses) there. List of active competitions is placed under our True I.Q. section. Also, our lists are power lists, this is where you list your highest scores.

Although name of the society implies listing by just verbal, numerical and spatial scores, we do accept scores from mixed and logical tests (1score in 1x3 list and 3 scores in 2x3 list). We believe that true genius has to prove his quality in at least 3 out of 5 areas of testing (most of the lists in high I.Q. world are single score listings) . We find all areas of testing to be of the same quality and importance in evaluation of one`s intelligence.

Supervised tests as SBIS, CFIT, RAPM etc. are also accepted (I.Q. there is known and final, at the given moment in time and under present test taker`s life circumstances) and we believe that VeNuS score from supervised test (3xfinal score from supervised test) is more accurate than regular VeNuS score (from three High Range Tests). Supervised tests usually have lower ceiling so in most of the situations VeNuS score there is not that high as VeNuS score from High Range Tests.

Shockingly, experience has shown that it is easier to obtain false score report from supervised test so all scores from supervised tests will be checked with utmost scrutiny.

All applicants with only one score from supervised test and no scores from any high range tests are advised not to apply for membership. Not even trying a single high range test out of so many on the market will always raise doubts about your motives and abilities.

High range I.Q. tests are of experimental nature, I.Q. obtained in High Range Test is not to be understood as final (many authors, different test qualities, different norming methods, different pool of test takers...).

Why are then High Range Tests important? One of our members, Gabriel Garofalo has the answer: "I.Q. generally intended, is a pretentious concept, considering its implications, but High Range Tests put intelligence under the spotlight of a new paradigm, offering a dynamic "deep reasoning" model, instead of a static "fast thinking" one."

No particular score will be listed on our web-page (no profiles with listed scores will be created) we will just list sum of those scores (VeNuS scores). In rare occasions and only for scientific purposes VeNuS list with all particular scores will be shared with subjects who contact us. We are trying to be transparent and fair.

If we are unable to determine whether your score report is legit we may contact Officials of other High I.Q. Societies and exchange information about you and your scores so be warned!

If you apply for membership you accept all terms and conditions listed above.

We are GDPR compliant.


Thanks to Jeff Christopher Leonard for his comments that helped in creation of this section.

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